Pabmar has been in the decorative stone business for over 20 years.
Due to its constant investments in technology, Pabmar is now a Brazilian hallmark 
in the processing of Bege [Beige] Bahia marble (Travertine).

The Pabmar Group was initially composed by three companies: 
Pabmar – responsible for the processing of marble and granite 
slabs; Granibege – responsible for the sawing of stone 
blocks; and Mineração Granibege – responsible for 
the extraction of stones from the Bege Bahia Marble quarry.

In order to expand their industrial infrastructure, Pabmar 
and Granibege merged in 2011.  Today, the sawing and 
processing of marbles and granites are carried out at the 
Monte Cristo Industrial Park and occupies an area of 
20,000 m².

On its turn, Mineração Granibege – with more than 10 years in 
the market – has increased investments in its extraction 
activities since 2009.

Today, it has a Pedrini diamond wire cutter, an automatic polisher, and a cutting plant to produce 
cuts and spacatto tiles in large scale.

And, in spite of such growth, the Pabmar Group’s objective is still the same: to ensure high 
standards in each of its products, from the extraction of stone blocks to the final finish, 
which is done with the dedication and engagement of all our collaborators.